Sunday, July 12, 2009

Will you be at Inter Solar trade show?

Intersolar North America is the most diverse international business-to-business trade show in the United States for the global solar industry. As the only solar exhibition in North America dedicated to recruiting companies across the solar supply chain from around the world, Intersolar helps the industry improve global supply, distribution, training, regulation and business issues to accelerate market transformation and advance solar as a significant part of the global energy supply. Intersolar North America 2009 has tripled its floor space and features an expected 500 exhibitors and 15,000 trade visitors in San Francisco’s Moscone Center West on July 14-16. The conference, held at the InterContinental Hotel next door, also increases its size and program to over 25 tracks, circa 150 speakers and 1,600 expected attendees. Intersolar North America - Connecting Solar Business .

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Future Entrepreneurs of Pakistan (FEP)

I am launching a google group to empower Pakistani professionals with Engineering, Science, and Business degrees (BA, BS, MBA, etc) to become entrepreneur and create jobs instead of looking for a job. These Engineers, Scientist, and Businessmen / Businesswomen will be grouped together and/or with Capitalists, and guided by established Industrialists/consultants to start small businesses and enterprises. Above all, it will serve as a hub or incubator and spawning spot to match people with likeminded individuals and to form a cross functional team of entrepreneurs bound by common goal of creating mutually agreed products or services - resulting in new start-ups and joint ventures. Please note this is NOT a spot to list/inquire about employment or other services, it is to create Future Pakistani Entrepreneurs to launch new products and services.

Please visit at : Future Entrepreneurs of Pakistan (FEP) and join.

Here is "potential" project.

Back up batteries used to store power for "Off-grid power" (or UPS) are designed differently than the one used in "Automobiles". The difference is the "thickness" and numbers of plates used. That is, for automobile you need to have "thinner" and "many" plates, where for Solar back up you need "thicker" plates. I would like to propose that a "team" to introduce "solar" batteries in Paksitan market to be used for UPS and "off-grid" power. And (potentially) an "engineer/scientist" can partner up with a "distributor" and "industrialist" to launch a joint venture where they can have “industrialist” manufacture x number of batteries to “team’s” specification. These batteries can then be marketed and sold as a “new” product.
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